quarta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2010


Haha,today is our Mid-Autumn festival,and we will have one day holiday. So in this email,let me show you something interesting about this holiday :)
It is a festival with charming history:

1.Someone says:Autumn is a harvest season,so in mid autumn festival also called moon's day,people around to enjoy the happiness of harvest.Friends send each other moon cakes,and eat under the moon.

2.Someone says:a legend that a nice woman called "chang e" in the moon and eat moon cakes everyday which is a punnish to her,and the moon cakes are hard to eat.Heaven allowed in mid autumn festival,"change e can go down to earth to eat the soft,nice moon cakes"

3.Another lagend is:an old man lives in Moon, the Divine Match-maker. The Chinese believed that marriages were made in Heaven but prepared on the moon. The Old Man on the Moon tied the feet of young men and women with red cords for marriage. Thus a maiden made offerings and prayed to him during the Mid-Autumn Festival, hoping that some day she would ride in the red bridal sedan chair.

Very interesting,but no matter which saying,it is a festival for "reunin" or "together",family together,live happily is the theme of this day :)
Ok,here,we prepare you some moon cakes,wish you like and wish one day you will come and try some real ones

(i like mooncake so much,it has many taste,and I prefer the one with egg)