segunda-feira, 16 de agosto de 2010

QIXI...Chinese Valentine's Day!


Today is the Qixi-Chinese Valentine's day!
According to lunar calendar,the chinese people regard "THE seventh day of the seventh month" as Valentine's day.
And this year,it is today :)

It is different from the Western Valentine's Day, as there may not be chocolate or cards presented on that day, but it is still a day devoted to love.

History of Chinese Valentine's Day:
According to Chinese folklore,"Zhinu", the prettiest and the smallest daughter of the Goddess of Heaven caught the eye of a cowherd called "Niulang" during a visit to the earth with her sisters. The two married and lived happily for several years before Zhinu was asked to return to heaven since a fairy was not allowed to marry a common person. But the goddess took pity on the couple and allowed them to be reunited once a year after knowing the marriage. Legend has it that on the seventh night of the seventh moon, magpies form a bridge with their wings for the daughter to cross to meet her husband.

This day is also called Begging Festival or Daughters' Festival, which is an important day for girls.

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